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Gaslit Nation

Aug 29, 2022

CORRECTION: This event is *this Thursdsay* -- not Friday, as originally posted. Hope to see you Thursday September 1st at 8pm EST for an important fundraiser to help protect Pennsylvania in the midterms and beyond!
Hi All, It's Andrea here, again, issuing a correction: the Pennsylvania fundraiser is this Thursday, not Friday. If you're not doing anything this coming Thursday night -- September 1st at 8pm EST -- join me and other activists for a fundraiser to protect Pennsylvania from Trump's fascist movement by electing Democrats at the all important state level where crucial quality of life policies are determined, including the integrity of our elections. By protecting Pennsylvania this November, we help protect the electoral college in 2024. It's one of the most important states we need to win in order to keep the White House. 
As Trump tried to violently overthrow our democracy, he led a well-coordinated operation to leave no stone unturned to try to stay in power, just as we always warned. When all of his many attempts failed, he turned his attention to state races where his cult is running for office, paving the way to steal the election for him or someone like him in 2024, to help Trump and his criminal gang come back to power, enrich themselves, and this time stay in power. 
It's all scary and all true. The way we fight back is through efforts like the States Project, which we featured on our show during our spring series Rising Up from the Ashes: Cassandras and Other Experts on Rebuilding Democracy. Here are our two spring interviews with the States Project: Fight Back with The States Project - Part I and Fight Back with The States Project - Part II
I hope you'll join me this coming Thursday September 1st at 8pm EST over Zoom. The fundraiser is hosted by J. Smith-Cameron who plays Gerri on HBO's Succession, a show based on Rupert Murdoch's corrupt and dysfunctional family, and other stars from the show. What's even better: it's a pajama party. So join me in wearing comfy pajamas, enjoying a chilled drink, and chatting with the stars of Succession. To get the Zoom details, join me in donating $50 or higher made here. Hope to see you there!