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Gaslit Nation

May 19, 2023

Ralph Blumenthal, the longtime New York Times reporter who got U.F.O.'s on the frontpage of the "Paper of Record"  joins Gaslit Nation to discuss the government's secret X-Files. He is the author of several books, including The Believer: Alien Encounters, Hard Science, and the Passion of John Mack, the children's book UFOhs, as well as several books on the mafia and Nazis, making him the ideal Gaslit Nation guest! This is an excerpt of an upcoming special two-part episode with Blumenthal on the nature of U.F.O.'s, what the current and potential findings mean for humanity, and the corporations believed to be monitoring research into U.F.O.'s closely for potential profit opportunities and there doesn't seem much that the shadowy government sectors allowing this will do to protect against that. Look out for more of this interview soon! For now, we couldn't wait to share this excerpt as a bit of fun as we gear up for next week's two live tapings.
This coming Tuesday May 23rd at 1:30pm EST, Russian mafia expert Olga Lautman joins Gaslit Nation for a live taping followed by an audience Q&A. The next day Wednesday May 24th at 2pm EST David Pepper, the author of Saving Democracy, joins Gaslit Nation for a live taping to answer questions about how to defeat the fascist threat, especially in so-called "red states." If you're subscribed to the show at the Truth-teller level or higher, check your inbox for details on how to join each event the morning of that event. Joining the live tapings will be as easy as clicking on a link!
Gaslit Nation will be back with an all new Q&A next week answering questions from subscribers at the Democracy Defender level and higher. Keep your questions coming! We always enjoy hearing from you!
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