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Gaslit Nation

Dec 21, 2022

How does the world stop a genocide? How will Russia's war in Ukraine end? Why should Americans, or anyone around the world, care about Ukraine today? Historian Timothy Snyder, who recently produced a viral YouTube series by simply putting his lectures online of his class teaching the making of modern Ukraine, returns to Gaslit Nation. Snyder is our first three-time guest, making him Rufus to our Bill and Ted in this most not excellent adventure. 
Snyder is the author of several bestselling books, including Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America, and the resistance pocket guide On Tyranny with an audio guide that has been updated to include Russia's current war against Ukraine and democracies worldwide -- On Tyranny: Expanded Audio Edition Updated with Twenty New Lessons from Russia's War on Ukraine.  
 If you want to join Professor Snyder in helping Ukraine, donate to his anti-drone defense fund here. Every little bit helps. 
In this week's bonus episode, available to Patreon subscribers, we answer questions from our listeners at the Democracy Defender level and higher about Executive Order 14067 -- the Biden administration's attempt to reign in cryptocurrency, the special counsel Jack Smith, taking action on book banning, and more. Our Q&A was recorded before the big news abou the January 6 Committee's historic referral to the DOJ of criminal charges against Trump, but we'll be back with an all new episode and bonus episodes of Gaslit Nation in the new year. Thank you to everyone who supports the show -- we could not make Gaslit Nation without you! To help independent journalism and get acces to every episode of Gaslit Nation and live events, subscribe today or sign up for an annual membership for a discount. 
You're invited to a live taping of Gaslit Nation January 24 12pm EST followed by a live audience Q&A. Tickets can be purchased by subscribing at the Democracy Defender level or higher -- look out for the Zoom link which will be sent out thirty minutes or so before the event. Thank you to everyone who supports the show -- we could not make Gaslit Nation without you!